The Empirical Economics Letters

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ISSN 1681- 8997 

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Volume 9          Number 11        November  2010


Takanori Ida and Kai Sakahira

Estimating Interdependencies between Japan's Broadband and Mobile Phone Subscriptions



Yuan-Chieh Cheng and Po-Chin Wu

Firm Characteristics, Exchange Rate Regimes and Exchange Rate Exposure



Roshaiza Taha, Sisira R.N. Colombage and Svetlana Maslyuk

The Financial System and Revenue Collection in Malaysia: An Empirical Analysis



Sungwon Cho

Income Distribution and Aggregate Consumption: Time Series Evidence



Aydoğan, Durmus

Cointegration, Causality and Export-led Growth in Turkey, 1924-2008



Peng Shi and Wei Zhang

An Empirical Analysis of Tail-Dependent Risks in Chinese Stock Markets using Extreme Value Copulas



Mahelet G. Fikru

A Decomposition of the Brain Drain



Ülkem Başdaş and Uğur Soytaş

Stock Returns, Economic Growth, Interest Rates and the 2001 Crisis in Turkey



Dimitrios P. Louzis and Spyros Xanthopoulos-Sisinis

Evidence of Long Memory in European Electricity Markets



Chien-wen Shen and Yu-Yih Song, Yi-Chun Chen, Yun-Ru Zhang, and Zhi-Ying Dai

Production Smoothing and Inventory Adjustment in Paper Industry



Dawood Mamoon

Testing Institutions against Trade: Evidence on Inequality Mitigation



Ming-Che Wu, Yung-Shi Liau and Yung-Chang Wang

Are REITs Defensive in Emerging Markets? Evidence from Taiwan





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