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Special Issue



Emerging Business Ecosystems in Management Practices


Guest Editor
Ganesh Waghmare



       Volume 22                                     Special Issue 2                                                August 2023



Revitalizing Employee Engagement and Retention in the Post-COVID Era: The P3 Model Approach for HR Managers
Shital Mantri

An Effective Approach towards Battery using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Aditya Patil, Vaishali Patil, Sanket Lodha, Sudhir Chitnis and Arun Patil

Factors Influencing A Consumer's Decision to Purchase an Electric Vehicle Scooter in Maharashtra State of India
Niraj C. Chaudhari, Harshada P. Aurangabadkar, Aditi R. Kulkarni and Shivshakti V.Nanda

E-Wallet Future for Self-Employed in the Indian Scenario
Paheli Nigam, Neetu Kumari and Tushar Rathore

Estimation of GST Collection Efficiency of Indian States in the Post-GST Era using Input-Oriented Data Envelopment Analysis Model
Gurave Singh and Puneet Kumar

Unveiling the Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka: Understanding Impacts and Ramifications
Praveen Prabhakar, Vineeta Agrawal and Anshuman Magar

Modeling the Financial Saving Behavior of Gen-Z: The Regression Analysis of Financial Inducement Factors
Varada Inamdar, Amitabh Patnaik, Komal Gatagat and Swapnali Bhosale

A Review of Challenges and Opportunities in Adopting DOOH Technology for Advertising: A Business Perspective through TAM
Santosh Shinde, Navnath Dighe, Suraj Sharma, Shubham Chowdhury, Samidha Rathore and Shrikant Waghulkar

Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and its relation to Human Resource Management: An Overview
Prajakta Gaikwad and Manisha Purohit

An Approach to Enhance Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Data through Text Analytics and Predictive Modeling
Aditya Patil, Swati Patil, Prajakta Patil, Vaishali Patil, Sanket Lodha, Sudhir Chitnis and Arun Patil

An Investigation into the Prognostic Indicators for Disease Exacerbations with Rheumatoid Arthritis Displaying Subdued Disease Activity: An Analytical Approach
Prajkta Patil, Swati Patil, Sanket Lodha and Sudhir Chitnis

“Just in Time Production and Just in Case Consumption”: Factors Affecting on an Online and Offline Consumer Buying Behavior in the Purchase of Apparels
Vivek S. Kanade, Vasant B. Boraste, Niraj C. Chaudhari, Preeti M Kulkarni and Rajeshri P Lasurkar

Role of Internship in Teaching effectiveness of B.Ed students: A Survey Of Students undergoing B.Ed in Pune City
Geeta Vishwakarma, Anju Kansal and Jitender Kumar Sharma

Sri Lankas Economic Crisis: Review Bad To Worse
Satish Athawale, Satish Dhoke, Md Mohsin Khan and Mohammed Yunus









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