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Building Back Better: A Sustainable, Resilient Recovery after COVID 19


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Jaheer Mukthar KP
Manoj PK
Sivasubramanian K



       Volume 21                                     Special Issue 2                                                June 2022


Car Rental Services in Bangalore: An Outlook on Service Quality
D. Joseph Charles Tamilmaran

Influence of Demographics on Sustainability of Micro Enterprises
Saranya S, CH. Madhavi Latha and Nittymol Antony

Forecasting Modelling on Futures and Spot Prices of Cotton with special reference to NCDEX
Madhu Druva Kumar and M. Lokanadha Reddy

Socioeconomic Aspects of Women Entrepreneurs Running Paying Guest Accommodations
Nirmala M M and Nittymol Antony

Empowering Non-Family Staff Members and Binding of Professionalism in Family Business to Enable Business Prospects
Kuldeep Chand Rojhe, Sulochna Syal and Vinay Kumar

Risk Management in Projects
Raju V, Vinodha Devi and Nirmala M M

Awareness and Satisfaction of Customers towards Banking Investment Products with special reference to Bangalore City
Ashwitha and G. Suresh

Impact of Store Interior Design on Young Consumer Attention at Allen Solly Junior, Chennai
Chandrakhanthan J, Prasathkumar A. and Jagannathan K

Review on Role of Agricultural Entrepreneurs in the Economic Development of the Country
Tinto Tom and Preethi S. J.G

Strategic Drivers of Micro Entrepreneurs Survival during the Pandemic
Madhavi Latha, Nittymol Antony, Saranya S

Assessment of Risks: Pros and Cons
Raju V, Vinodha Devi and Vinay Kumar

Impact of Money Laundering Activities on Indian Economy
Ranjith Karat, Suraj ES, Jacob Joju, Manoj PK and Gopalakrishnan

Synergic Interaction of Gold, Gold Mutual Fund and Gold Exchange-Traded Fund
Peter Leo Deepak J and Nelson Justin Michael J

Transparency in Real Estate Sector in Digital India: A Study
Ranjith Karat, Suraj ES, Jacob Joju, Manoj PK and Gopalakrishnan

Procedural Justice: Empirical Evidences of Justice Perceptions among Working Professionals
Stephen Deepak and Syed Khalid Perwez

Students’ Knowledge Acquisition level through Web-based Learning Scaffold and its Sway on Capabilities: Study with reference to Post Graduate Students in Bangalore
Sherly Steffi, K. Opika and T. Somasundaram

Investigating the Effect of Pandemic on BSE Indices using Mathematical Models
Haribaskar R and Madhusudhanan R

Investment Decisions of Salaried Class for Tax Management
Suku Samuel, Surendranath Reddy and Prasanna P

Leadership Labyrinth: Multifaceted Obstacles Encountered by Women Aspiring to a Leadership Positions in the Workplace
Subha B, Arun Prakash and Ajai Abraham Thomas

Financial Literacy Awareness among Members of Self Help Groups in Karnataka
Manjunath S and K. Jagannathan

Does Demographics Matter? An Empirical Examination on Mentoring among it Professionals
Roshen Therese Sebastian, Geethu Anna Mathew and Shilpa Rao C

Online A&A Methodology in Revised Accreditation Framework
Aloysius Edward J

Comparative Study on Health and Wellness of Working and Non Working Women in Bengaluru City
V.G. Jisha, Excelce, and Rupashree

Transformation towards Millets: Consumer Purchase Intention and Purchase Behaviour towards Consumer Satisfaction
Deepthi Shirahatti, C. Nagadeepa and Sumit Kumar Singh

The Cooperative Bank UK: Ethics to Sustainability for You for Life
Lakshmi A J and Akhil M P

Redefining Digital Social Entrepreneurship by Engaging Technology Organization Environment Framework: An Initiative under Aatamnirbhar Bharat (Make-in-India) for Rural Development of India
Jais Thomas, Mallika Sankar M, Annie Stephen and G. Arockia Stalin

Demystifying the Performance of the Life Insurance Companies in India
Aakash Kumar Arockia Stalin and Annie Stephen

Unplugging Post Lockdown: A Study on Digital Wellbeing Initiatives among Indian Corporates
Reenu Mohan





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