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Dimensions of Economics and Business to Sustainable Development

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Mohammad A. Wadud



               Volume 20                                     Special Issue 4                                                December 2021



Impact of Foreign Capital Flows on Currency Fluctuations in India: An ARDL approach
Mahesh Kumar Bagarti and Suprava Sahu


The COVID-19 Pandemic and Senior Entrepreneurship in Brazil
Samanda Silva da Rosa and Tainá Bruski Olszeski


Factors Affecting Repeat Purchase Intention in Online Shopping in Vidarbha
Ashish Linge, Sanjeev Singh, Mahesh Singh and Baldeo Kakde


Investor Bias Detections for Investment Decision Making in Mutual Funds
Farana Kureshi, Viral Bhatt and Priyanka Bhatt


Small and Medium Enterprises Financing: Bankers’ Perspective on lending and recovery
Nandini M and Shubha B N


Nostalgia Marketing and its impact on brand attitude and purchase intentions
Kirti Wankhede and Yash Gajwani


Relationship between the Resources and Enrollment in Elementary Schools of Uttar Pradesh, India
Sandeep Kumar Tiwari


Impact of digital marketing practices on consumer purchase decision in emerging economies
V.V. Devi Prasad Kotni


Employability and Skill Development: A Bibliometric Analysis
Dipika and Ajay Solkhe


Impact of Crude Oil Price Fluctuations on Bombay Stock Exchange
Isha Ranjan and Jayesh J Jadhav


Impact of Capital Adequacy ratio on resulting NPAs - A study of selected public sector banks in India
Jayesh J Jadhav and Nameeta Nagwani


Voluntary corporate governance practices and firm Value: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Sector
C.A. Rajyalakshmi


Top-Down to Bottom-up Communication; A Key to Employee Engagement
Prashant Mishra and Neerja Pande


Higher Educational Institutions Employee Engagement Practices and its Impact on Self Efficacy and Organisational Support
S. Sujatha and Reshma Khan


Effect of Augmented Reality on Online Beauty Accessory Purchase during Covid 19 Pandemic: A Study of L'Oréal Paris Makeup Genius
Ashima Jaswal


Causes, Consequences and Remedial Measures of Occupational Stress among Faculties
Neeraj Jain


Determinants of Service Quality Dimensions over Consumer Purchase Intentions towards Mobile Value-Added Services
Venkata Naga Siva Kumar Challa, BGK Murthy and PSV Padmalatha


Government Controls and Policies on Sugar Industry in India
Neha Goswami, Kshama Sharma and R. K. Sant


Key Stakeholders Involved in Promoting Sustainability Initiatives in Corporations
Bidisha Banerji and Winnie Ranjan


Factors Influencing Adoption of Online Channels by Mutual Fund Companies’ Employees
Pratibha and Sandeep Singh Virdi


Mixed Use of Different Atmospheric Cues to Create Unique Store Architect and its Effect on Buying Behavior
Arti Lata, Abhishek Ranjan Singh and
Rinkesh Kumar


Retention of Sales Employees in Insurance Sector: Empirical Evidences from India
Ruchi Rayat and Samik Shome


Exploring the Influence of Brand Awareness on Purchase Intention considering Mediating Effect by Brand Loyalty
Soumya Mukherjee and Mrinal Kanti Das


Socio-Demographic Factors and Cigarette Consumption Behavior during COVID-19
Sager Reddy Adavelli and Sandesh Dass Shrestha


Medical Tourism in India: Analysis on Growth Potentials
Suresh Chandra Ch and B Parashuramulu


The Miracles that Stopped: The Quality Journey of an Organization - before and after the Pandemic
L Kanagalakshmi, Nalini Rajesh, S. Gayathri and R. Miyal Vaganan


Working and Performance of MSMEs in India and BRICS Countries during Pre and Covid-19 Period: A Holistic Approach
Aashna Sinha and V. Shunmugasundaram


Impact of Shareholder Activism on the Dividend Policies of the Banks in India
Sudam Shingade, Shailesh Rastogi, Jagjeevan Kanoujiya  and Venkata Mrudula Bhimavarapu


Effects of Corporate Transparency: Literature Review and Research Agenda
Venkata Mrudula Bhimavarapu  and Shailesh Rastogi


Consumer Attitudes towards Eco-Friendly Products in the FMCG Sector of Maharashtra
Sandeep Sawant


A Comparative Analysis of Perception of Beneficiaries, Non Beneficiaries and Financial Service Providers towards Low Penetration of Mutual Fund Products in Pune Region
Dhirendra Kumar and Vidya Nakhate

















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