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Special Issue


Sustainability & Innovative Management Practices in Uncertain Times

Guest Editors


Abhinava S. Singh

Mayur Shah

Rajesh Desai


               Volume 20                                     Special Issue 1                                                   August 2021



Impact of Cost of Funds on Bank Profitability: Evidence from Scheduled Commercial Banks of India

Kumar Ramchandani and Siddarth Singh Bist



Sustainable Tourism Marketing in Post-Pandemic Era

Niyat Shetty



Employees Readiness for Mergers and Its Impact on Employees’ Performance and Client Satisfaction

Anu Gupta, Chaitali Shah, Richa Pandit and Swati Saxena



Sustainable Impact of Capital Structure on Financial Performance of Small Medium Enterprises: Evidences from India

Ashwin H. Parwani, Priyanka Shah and Ashvin Dave



Changing Grocery Shopping Behavior of Indian Consumers Post COVID-19

Rajesh Faldu



Sustainable Fashion: Swagger for Gen Z

Anju Dwivedi, Shraddha Agarwal and Purvi Gupta



Retail Store Choice for Consumers in Food & Grocery Segment: Review and Agenda

Swati Saxena and Subhashish Mitra



Exploring the Generational Diversity at Workplace and Its relation to Retention with special reference to Generation X and Generation Y

Rima Gupta and  Rupali Singh



Work Life Balance of Female Doctors in Ahmedabad City

Nehal Shah, Vasudev Modi and Mayur Shah



Investor Behavior towards Indian Commodity Market: An Empirical Analysis with reference to North Gujarat Region

Mitesh Patel and Mayur Shah



E-Banking Payments Scenario in Ahmedabad City

Anand Dinesh Mehta and Vasudev A. Modi



Identifying the Influensive Factors for the Second Language Acquisition amongst Secondary and Higher Secondary Pupils in Gwalior City, Madhya Pradesh

Priya Advani and Krunal Soni



Entrepreneurial Orientation and Associated Factors among Academicians: An Analytical Comparison of Pre- and Post-Pandemic Era

Khushboo Kumar and Shyamali Satpathy



Digital Financial Inclusion in the Times of COVID-19

Mayur Shah and  Khushboo Gandhi



Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Jeet V Madhani and Isha H Tanna



Impact of COVID-19 On E-Wallet Payments: Assumptions and Reality

Isha H Tanna and Jeet V Madhani



In Search of Marketing Needs for Grassroots Innovation: Evidence from Rural India

Vaidehi Shukla and Abhinava S. Singh



Accounting Distress Assessment of Auto Companies in India

Rajesh P Ganatra and Mayur Shah



Consumer Behaviour in the E-commerce Era

Ankit Rameshchandra Shah



Exploring Perception of Students Towards Attending Webinars

Nazneen Shaikh and Mayur Shah



Inter-Linkages of Emerging Stock Indexes of Asia

Sushil Mohanty and Priyanka Pathak



Business Downturn, Financial Distress or Bankruptcy: MTNL at Crossroads

Ramroop K. Sharma



The Changing Role of Trade Unions: Evidence from Gujarat

Mayur Shah and Surbhi Ahir



Bibliometric Analysis of Over- The-Top (OTT) Viewership Using VOSviewer

Harishchandra Singh Rathod, Piyush Harshadbhai Solanki and Virendra Chavda



Do Financial Performance Improve after Merger and Acquisition of Acquiring Companies: Evidence from India

Debi Prasad Satapathy and K. P. Kaushik



Assessment of Investment Motives of the Salaried Class Individuals across Ahmedabad City during COVID Pandemic Scenario

Vasudev A Modi, Rajesh P Ganatra and Mayur Shah



Role of Information Technology: A Step towards Prevention of Food Wastage

Rubee Singh, Parul Sharda, Jacinta Dsilva, Kamalesh Ravesangar and Sunita Pachar



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