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               Volume 18                                     Number 6                                                   June 2019



Is the Phillips Curve Still Reliable? An Empirical Investigation in the Brazilian Economy

Marcelo Miranda de Melo and José Weligton Félix Gome



Contagion among Indian and Some Developed Equity Markets: A Continuous Wavelet Investigation

Avishek Bhandari



How to Set up the Early Warning Marketability System of the Sensitive Crops

Chen-Fu Lu, Chia-Yi Cheng and Yu-Hui Chen



Ride or Die? Motorcycling Millennials and the Wealthy Behaving and Feeling Differently

Florence Neymotin and William Stronge



What Types of Economies of Scale Exist in the Manufacturing Economy of India? A Cobb-Douglas Production Function Approach for Four Decades

Sanjay Kumar, A. Sankaran, Arjun K, and Mousumi Das



How does Social Media Affect Economic Growth? An Empirical Study on African Countries

Dieu Ne Dort Talla Fokam, Paul Ningaye and Fourier Prevost Fotso Koyeu



Some Propositions in the Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Truncated Regression Models

Eugene Kouassi, Oluyele Akinkugbe, Sethlare Lexi  and Claude Oyon Marius Amba



Sorghum Productivity in South Darfur State, Sudan: An Economic Analysis

Ahmed Hammad Mhamoud, Abda Abdalla Emam and Mutasim Mekki Elrasheed



Household Credit Bubble in Brazil: The Unbearable Lightness of Having

Paulo Matos and Jaime de Jesus Filho



Agricultural and Manufacturing Sectors Linkage: Implication for Investment growth in Nigeria

J. O. Saka, C.M. Amire, M.O. Yusuf,  R. A. Danmola and M. A. Oresanwo



Relationship between Crude Oil Prices, Stock Prices, and Exchange Rates: Evidence from India

A. Aparna










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