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               Volume 18                                     Number 2                                             February 2019



Comovement and Sentiment-based Trading

Lu Y. Zhang and Alice O. Nakamura

[Abstract] [Open Access - Full Paper]


The Optimal Taxation in Presence of Interdependence between Harvested Renewable Natural Resources

Pierre D Ouattara, Lexi Sethlare, Pokou Koffi and Eugene Kouassi



Productivity of Acquirers and Target Firms: An Analysis of Financial and Non-financial Mergers and Acquisitions in Brazil

Wilfredo L. Maldonado and Lílian S. M. Severino



Central Bank Independence and Supervision Structure on Bank Efficiency: Evidence from Asian Banks

Lien-Wen Liang, Hai-Yen Chang and Sih-Han Wang



Mapping of Female Participation in Indian Unorganized Enterprises

Shruti Shuvam and Pratap C. Mohanty



Forecasting Nigerian Inflation using Model Averaging Methods: Modelling Frameworks to Central BanksM.M. Tumala, O.E. Olubusoye, B.N. Yaaba, O.S. Yaya and O.B. Akanbi



Environmental and Technical Efficiencies in the Parana State Agriculture in BrazilCassiano Bragagnolo and Henrique Ryosuke Tateishi



Low Interest Rate, Bank Risk Taking and Bank Stability: Evidences from Advanced Countries

Shiow-Ying Wen and Jean Yu



Is the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level Applicable to the Brazilian Economy? An Empirical Investigation

Marcelo Miranda deMelo and José Weligton Félix Gomes



Concentration in the Greek Manufacturing sector: Assessing the Impact of the Economic Crisis

Georgopoulos Demosthenes, Papadogonas Theodore and Sfakianakis George



On the Forward-looking Behavior of Brazilian Non-earmarked Household Credit

Paulo Matos and Daniel Batista



Moderating Impact of all the Determinants of Investment Decision: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Kirti Arekar,  Rupali Gadkari and Rinku Jain



Sustainable Supply Chain Coordination Model based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Gourav Dwivedi, Manas Tripathi and Patanjal Kumar











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