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               Volume 14                                  Number 7                                   July 2015



The Performance of Firms with Excellent Reputations

Jorge Gonzalez and Thomas M. Krueger



Modeling Unemployment-Exports Nexus in Nigeria: Analysis with the Bound Testing Approach

Christopher U. Kalu, Augustine C. Osigwe and Chekwube V. Madichie



The Performance Evaluation of the Value Investing Strategy in Taiwan

HsiehTsung-Yu, , Zai-Yuan, Siao Huang, Wang  Wan-Ting, Lin Li-Yun, Hong Dong-Han, Yu Guo Nian–Yi, ,  JhuangCiao-Ling,



Reading Achievements in Morocco: Gender-Based Approach and Gender Gaps Decomposition

Aomar Ibourk



Exports, Imports and Economic Growth in India: An Empirical Analysis

Ummalla Mallesh and Raghutla Chandrashekar



BRIC’s Risk Management based on an Innovative VaR

Paulo Matos, Rogério Cruz, Iana Jucá and Alana Azevedo



Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Development in India: An Application of ARDL Bounds Testing Approach

Pooja Joshi  and A K Giri



An Analysıs of Export and Import by Sımultaneous Equatıon Model in Kyrgyzstan

Zamira Oskonbaeva



Does Interest Rate affect House Prices in South Africa? An Empirical Analysis

Do AngoSimplicio



Currency Substitution: Evidence from Nigeria

Huseyin Kalyoncu, Abdurrahman Isik and Gylych Jelilov



On The Lucas Paradox: Differentiating Cross-Border Capital Flows

Mehmet Gökhan Göktan



How Sensitive are Exports of a Small Open Economy to Prices and Foreign Incomes? Evidence from a Panel Data Analysis for Tunisia

Mohamed Mehdi Jelassi







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