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Volume 13                                         Number 6                            June 2014




Conditional Autoregregressive Range (CARR) based Volatility Spillover Index for the Eurozone Markets

Selcuk Bayraci and Sercan Demiralay



The Spend-Tax Nexus in European Union Countries: Empirical Evidence Using Quarterly Data

Ageliki Anagnostou, Christos Kollias and Stephanos Papadamou



Identifying the Appeal of Luxury Brands among Various Classes in the United States and Japan

Li-Wen Huang, Hsin-Hong Kang and Shuang-Shii Chuang



Debt and Cash flow Relationship in Pecking Order Theory of Corporate Financing: Dynamic Panel Evidence

B.T. Matemilola , A.N. Bany-Ariffin and Annuar and  Md Nassir



Cointegration of Stock Markets: Evidence from Emerging Markets

Mustafa Sayim and Yousef Ibrahin



Determinants of China’s Foreign Direct Investment Inflows: An Application of the Random Coefficient Gravity Model

Po-Chin Wu and Chia-Jui Chang



A Comparison of Country Performances with Sovereign Credit Ratings using the TOPSIS Model

Gökhan Demirtas and Mahmut Masca



GDP, Total Wealth and Life Satisfaction: Divergent Convergence Evidence for OECD Countries

Hans-Jürgen Engelbrecht



An Empirical Analysis of the WTI Oil Price Returns and Volatility Spillover in the USA

Ching-Chun Wei and Chung-Hsuan Chen



Determinants of Construction Activity: Cointegration Evidence from the Greek Real Estate Market

Constantinos Alexiou, Nikolaos Karanikolas and Agapi Xifilidou



Empirical Testing of Exchange Rate and Interest Rate Transmission Channel in China

Ching-Chun Wei and Tzu-Wei Chuang



Trade Activity between EU and ENP Countries: A Relation of Trade Dependence

Kallioras Dimitris



Credit and Deposits in the face of Economic Uncertainty: Evidence from Barbadian Commercial Banks

Ryan Bynoe and Mahalia Jackman



Momentum Profit Fluctuations in Seasonal Conditions due to Default Probability

Nicholas Rueilin Lee, Jung Fang Liu, Yih-Bey Lin and Weiyu Lin







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