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ISSN 1681-8997


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               Volume 13                                  Number 10                           October 2014


Forecasting Long Term UK Interest Rates

O. Gough, K. B. Nowman and S. Van Dellen



Effect of Service Quality on the Profitability of Hospitality Industry: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis in Taiwan

Cheng-Wen Lee and Chin-Mei Chou



A Maximum Old-Age Pension in Portugal

Tânia Cristina Simões de Matos dos Santos and Inmaculada Domínguez Fabián



Corporate Governance Mechanism and Return on Assets in the Nigerian Banking Industry

Odekunle Lateef and Isola Atanda Wakeel and Kazeem Bello Ajide



Does Energy Efficiency Improvement Cause Economic Growth in the East Asia Summit Nations?

Ming-Chung Chang



Are There Nonlinearities in the Interaction of Equity and Real Estate Markets?

Petra Posedel, Marina Tkalec and Maruška Vizek



Financial Impact of Negative Life Events at Older Ages

Gulgun Bayaz Ozturk and William Gallo



Risk Determinants of Gold Betas

Yu-Min Lian and Szu-Lang Liao



Public Expenditure-Economic Growth Relationship: An Empirical Study on the Eurozone

İlhan Eroğlu and Baki Demirel, Cumhur Erdem  and Ahmet Kasap



Stylized facts of Business Cycle in the Philippines: Evidences from Different Detrending Methods

Edgar Allan M. Uy and Anna Corinna D. Pizarro-Uy



Determinants of the Demand for Automobiles in Brazil

Hui-Yen Lee and Hsin-Hong Kang



World Oil Price and Food Prices in US: Evidence from the Threshold Cointegration Models

Mohammad Karimi, Shivee Ranjanee Kaliappan, Bolaji Tunde Matemilola



A Study of Emergency Utilization among the Elderly Widowhood in Taiwan

Shu-Hsi Ho




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