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Volume 12          Number 9       September 2013


An Empirical Examination of the Effects of Various Government Spending on Labor Supply

Yong U. Glasure and Aie-Rie Lee



Survival Table as Tool for Credit Card Dynamic Monitoring

Clover M. Yeh and Tsun-Siou Lee



Parametric VaR Via Anderson-Darling Test in Crisis Times: Evidence for the Brazilian Banking Sector

Herick F. Moralles and Daisy A. N. Rebelatto



Energy Consumption and Economic Growth Relationship: A Panel Causality Test for Some European Union Member States

Fatma Zeren and Yusuf Ekrem Akbaş



Is Idiosyncratic Risk Priced?

Hsieh, Tsung-Yu; Huai-I Lee; Lin, Jia-Yuan;  Chang, Chih-Yu; Chou, Yu-Ling; Huang, Ching-Wei



Exact Inference for Value-at-Risk

Hongjai Rhee



Governance Practices of Indian Firms: An Empirical Analysis

Arunima Haldar, S.V.D. Nageswara



Empirical Analysis of the US Swap Curve

O. Gough, J. A. Juneja, K. B. Nowman and S. Van Dellen



Investigating the Influence of Stock Options Trading Activities on Underlying Stock Valuation in Taiwan

Ming-Feng Hsu,  Kehluh Wang



The Post-war Behavior of Foreign Exchange Rates in Lebanon

Samih Antoine Azar



Implementation of Supply Chain Management and the Critical Success Factors: Theoretical Framework

Caner Cebeci



The Dichotomy between Firm Motive and Market Need in University Press Publishing: Evidence from the Indian College Textbook Market

Rojers P Joseph and Shishir K Jha



Income Levels and Youth Traffic Fatalities: A U.S. State-Level Analysis

Donald G. Freeman






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