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Volume 12          Number 3       March 2013


Competitive Balance, Outcome Uncertainty, and NBA Officiating

R. Scott Evans, Katherine G. Yewell, Steven B. Caudill and Franklin G. Mixon, Jr.



Sustainability of Current Account in Georgia

Faruk Gursoy, Metin Mercan and Hüseyin Kalyoncu



Does it Pay to be Green? Evidence from Fortune 500 “Green Power Partners”

Naiwei Chen, Chia-He Lin and Wan-Ting Wang



Estimating Mark-Ups from Plant-Level Data when Capital is Not Flexible

Sergio A. DeSouza



Effect of Seizing Illicit Alcohol: A Panel Data Analysis of Liquor Consumption in India

Makoto Tanaka and Sudhir M. Bobde



Revisiting Purchasing Power Parity for Mainland China and Taiwan using Stationary Test with a Fourier Function: An Empirical Analysis

Ming Che Chou and Tsangyao Chang



Effects of Oil Rents on Public Health, as Measured by Incidence of Dengue

Marislei Nishijima, Fernando Antônio Slaibe Postali and Delhi Teresa Paiva Salinas



Trade Openness and Unemployment in Developed Economies: A Panel Cointegration Analysis

Giray Gozgor



An Investigation of Default Prediction Models in the Taiwan Banking Sector

Tony Chieh-Tse Hou, Chun-Neng Peng and William Wei-Jen Lai



Relationship between Trust and Gender Inequality

Nurullah Gur



Persistence in Youth Unemployment

Guglielmo Maria Caporale and Luis A. Gil-Alana



Does the Phillips Curve Disappear after the Millennium

Chien-Chung Nieh and Yi-Jen Fan



Recovery of  Profit Loss Through Reverse Logistics

Caner Cebeci





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