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Volume 11          Number 2        February  2012



Christian Pierdzioch and Renatas Kizys

Contagious Speculative Bubbles in Equity Markets: Did the Recent Financial Crisis Spread to South-East Asia?



Lin Hung-Pin 

Tourism Expansion and Economic Growth: Asia Region Effect in the case of Taiwan



Afees Adebare Salisu

Comparative Performance of Volatility Models for the Nigerian Stock Market



Constantinos Alexiou

An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Public Investment and Private Investment: Emerging Evidence from Greece



Yu-Ming Hsiao, Sheng-Chieh Pan and Po-Chin Wu

What do Intervention Indices Tell us about China’s Currency Basket System?



Anupam Das

A System GMM Analysis of the Energy Consumption and Growth in Emerging Asian Countries



Ola Carlén and Sören Wibe

A Note on Post-War Economic Growth



Javed Ashraf

The Male Wage Advantage in Pakistan: Results from the 2001-02 HIES



Samia Omrane

The Optimal Currency Composition of Tunisian Public Debt: The Choice between Internal and External Debt



Chih-Kai Chang  and Tsangyao Chang

Empirical Evidence of Real Interest Rate Parity in Asian Countries: Unit Root Test by Sequential Panel Selection Method



Michael A. Kortt. Brian Dollery and Bligh Grant

Protestantism and Work Ethic: Evidence from Australia



Trailokya Deka

MGNREGS and Environmental Sustainability: A Study of Morigaon District in Assam of India






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