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Volume 11          Number 10        October 2012



Macroeconomic Shocks and the German Real Estate Market: Some Stock-Market-Based Evidence

Renatas Kizys  and Christian Pierdzioch



Ambiguous Effects of Risk Aversion on Healthy Nutrition

Christian Pfeifer



Use of Black Market Premium (BMP) to Investigate Changes in Exchange Rate on the Added Value of Industry Sector

Hamid Reza Izadi and Maryam Izadi



An Empirical Analysis of Government Subsidies and Cost Structure in the Taiwanese Nursing Homes Industry

Chung-Cheng Yang, Chung-Yu Chen and Ching-Shyh Yeo



Evaluation of the Contribution of Public Health Expenditure on  Health in Pakistan: A Time-Series Analysis

Sofia Anwar, Majid Ali Rana and Samia Nasreen



Statistical Evidences of National Economic Resilience using Macroeconomic Data before and after the Global Financial Crisis

Kenichiro Maeoka, Takeshi Nakano, Satoshi Fujii and Koichi Kume



Commodity Futures and the US Money Supply

Samih Antoine Azar



Capital Market Integration and Risk in East Asian markets

Chia-Ju Lee



Optimal Strategies for Hedging Risks in Currency Markets: An Analysis of Brazil’s Dollar Futures Market

Marcelo Cabus Klotzle, Antonio Carlos Figueiredo Pinto, Mario Domingues Simões and Leonardo Lima



Analysis of Productivity in the Spanish Tobacco Industry

Xosé A. Rodríguez and Verónica Echauri



Do Hedge Funds Add Value?

Hooi Hooi Lean



Does the Income Basic Tax Act Affect Share Price? Evidence from the Taiwanese Electronics and Finance Industries

Min-Tsung Cheng



Community-based Forest Management and the Forestry Industries in the Philippines and India: A Comparative Inter-industry Analysis

Jungho Suh







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