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Volume 10          Number 7        July  2011


Tsunehiro Otsuki

Effect of International Standards Certification on Firm-Level Exports: An Application of the Control Function Approach



Jidong Huang and Sarinda Taengnoi

Social Networks and International Student Enrollment in American Universities



Li-Hsien Chien, Chalermpon Jatuporn and Oliver Michael C. Narreto

Price analysis of domestic rice market in the Philippines



Sami Taban

Do Savings Promote Economic Growth in Turkey? A Causality Analysis



S S S Kumar

Revisiting the relevance of emerging markets for portfolio diversification



Yang Yu and Chenggang Wang

Market for Contemporary Chinese Paintings: A First Look



Shu-Ching Huang

Testing for Unit Roots and Persistence in EU Unemployment Rates



Indra Nurcahyo Sjarif, Koji Kotani and Ching-Yang Lin

Exports and Economic Growth in Indonesia’s Fishery Sub-Sector:  Cointegration and Error-Correction Models



Ling-Yun He, Ran Wang, Yi An and Qing Chang

How Global Financial Tsunami Affects Crude Oil Prices in China? Perspectives from USDX, TED Spread and Trader Positions



Turan Subasat and Sotirios Bellos

Economic Freedom and Foreign Direct Investment: A Panel Gravity Model Approach



Hung-Lin Tao

Impact of Rent Decline and Demand Pull on the Banking Wage after Deregulation – Evidence from Taiwan



Samih Antoine Azar

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