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Volume 10          Number 3        March  2011


Sandra Hanson McPherson  and Oscar Flores

The Canadian Beveridge Curve:  A Panel Data Analysis



Ya-Wen Lai

Testing for Causality in the Transmission of Real Economic Activity and Equity Market Expectations



M. Naveed Iftikhar and Sana Khalid

Institutions, Governance and Development in Pakistan



Fukugawa Nobuya

How Serious is Piracy in the Videogame Industry?



Mehmet E. Erçakar and H. Mehmet Taşçi

Relationship between Prices of some selected Agricultural Products and Plantation Areas in Turkey



Tuck Cheong Tang and Evan Lau

General Equilibrium Perceptions on the Twin Deficits Hypothesis for the U.S.A.



Oguz Yildirim

Purchasing Power Parity in the United Kingdom (1989-2009): A Time Series Analysis



Udaya S. Mishra, William Joe and Rudra Narayan Mishra

Towards Making Comparison of Dichotomous Measures Robust: A Case of Calorie Undernourishment



Nadhem Selmi,  Nejib Hachicha  and Ahdi Noomen Ajmi

Long Memory Volatility in the Stock Market Returns: Evidence from the Crisis in Hong Kong



Maria Berrittella

Stability of Foreign Aid Agreement: A General Equilibrium Experimental Design



Birol Akgül and Muhammed Ziya Paköz

From ‘ Priority Regions’ to ‘Leading Provinces’ for Development: Changing Paradigms and Transforming Policies



Mori Kogid, Dullah Mulok, Kok Sook Ching, Jaratin Lily, Mohd Fahmi Ghazali and Nanthakumar Loganathan

Does Import Affect Economic Growth in Malaysia?





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