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Volume 9          Number 6        June  2010



Benno Torgler and Sascha Schmidt

On the Endogeneity of the Pay-Performance Relationship in Professional Soccer



İsmail Şentürk and Cumhur Erdem

Factors Affecting the Notebook Computer Prices in Turkey: A Hedonic Analysis



 Shu-Ching Huang

Effect of Devaluation on the Bilateral Trade: Evidence from China versus Her Trading Partners



Mustafa Mesut Kayali and Yasemin Deniz Akarim

Price and Trading Volume Relationship in Futures Markets: Evidence from Turkey



Péter Erdős and Mihály Ormos and Dávid Zibriczky

Non-parametric Asset Pricing: Evidence from U.S. Stocks



David Tennant

Relationship Between Traditional Determinants of Financial Risk Tolerance and Extent of Individuals’ Exposure to Ponzi Schemes: Exploratory Evidence from Jamaica



Masood Javed, Parvez Azim and Sami Ullah

Internal and External Determinants of Inflation in Pakistan



Juliana Guimarães, Breno Sampaio and Yony Sampaio

What is behind University Dropout Decision in Brazil? A Bivariate Probability Model



Fabio A. Madau

Technical and Scale Efficiency in the Italian Citrus Farming



Raquel Arévalo Tomé and Mª Soledad Otero Giráldez

Causality Between Economic Growth and Entrepreneurial Activity in Spain



Wen Shwo Fang, Stephen M. Miller and Chun Shen Lee

The Great Moderation and Leptokurtosis after GARCH Adjustment



Fabienne Bonetto and Anna Tykhonenko

R&D Expenditure and Convergence:  Evidence for a Panel of 16 OECD Countries





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