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Volume 9          Number 1         January  2010


Hervé Queneau

Trends in Occupational Sex Segregation in the USA:  Evidence from detailed data



Chang-Sheng Liao

Determinants of X-Efficiency in the Securities Industry in Taiwan



Seyed Komail Tayebi and Sepideh Ohadi

Effect of Financial Development on Income Distribution in Developing Countries



Yu-Feng Lee and Fang-I Liu

Performance of Multi-factor Term Structure Models for Interest Rates: Evidence on U.S. Treasury Market



M. Azali, Kelly Wong Kai Seng, Lee Chin and Shafinaz Ahmad Nazar

The ASEAN-5 Future Currency: Maastricht Criteria



Muhittin Kaplan,  Tuncay Çelik and Selman Tezekici

Impact of Openness on the Profitability in Turkish Manufacturing Industries



Francisco J. André and M. Alejandro Cardenote

Obtaining Efficient Economic  and Environmental Policies for the Spanish Economy



Pi-Fem Hsu

Effect of Hospital Competition on Mortality Rates: Evidence from Treatment for Acute Myocardial Infarction in Taiwan



Markus Leibrecht and Johann Scharler

Government Size and International Consumption Risk Sharing



Cai-Hua Xu and Ling-Yun He

An Empirical Study on Impact Factors of Vehicle Gasoline Consumption in China’s Taiwan Province



Giuseppe Marotta

Lending Interest Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area: A Data-Driven Tale



Chia-Hao Lee,  Szu-Hsien Lin and Ya-Chiu Angela Liu

Volatility and Trading Volume: An Application of the Component- GARCH Model




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